If you've seen us before or you are a new patient that has a suspicious spot, you may have a biopsy taken during your visit. This biopsy will be ready in-house by our pathologist. The results will tell us if the spot is abnormal and needs removed.

There are a couple options that the doctor will choose from depending on what your biopsy results say. One of these is an excision. Excision may be necessary for basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, cysts, and more. Your dermatologist will be able to make the accurate decision for your treatment.

What to expect

Your dermatologist will discuss the procedure with you. You should ask questions you have. On the day of your surgery, the area will be cleansed. An anesthetic will be injected into the location. Dr. Cleaver will remove the area by excision and sutures will be placed to close the wound.

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