Cleaver Dermatology is not only committed to utilizing the best current medications to treat a variety of dermatologic diseases, but is also committed to the ongoing advancement of pharmacologic interventions through the means of clinical studies.

Since 1986 Dr. Lloyd Cleaver, DO, FAAD has been involved in over 25 pharmacologic studies seeking to advance the treatment of the following skin conditions: Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea, Bacterial Infections, Onychomycosis, and Urticaria, using both topical and systemic treatments. Research at Cleaver Dermatology is now overseen by Dr. David Cleaver, DO, FAAD operating as the Principal Investigator.

Clinical Research

The Cleaver Dermatology Research Department was created to remain in the forefront of clinical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology treatment advancements. Participants access some of the latest innovations for beautiful, healthy skin. The Cleaver Dermatology Research Department is located within our Kirksville Location on 1316 Country Club Drive, providing a comfortable and professional environment for study participants. Studies are open to current Cleaver Dermatology patients as well as those that have not visited any of our clinics in the past.

Under the leadership of Dr. Lloyd Cleaver, Clinical Research Director and Board Certified Dermatologist, our research team is committed to responsible research conducted under strict industry and safety standards. 

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