Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes the skin to sweat excessively. Usually, hyperhidrosis affects one or two areas such as the palms, feet, underarms or head.

You may notice sweating while not exerting yourself when sweating begins to interfere with your daily lifestyle such as difficulty holding a pen due to sweating hands, the skin may become soft and white or peel due to being damp for too long.

There are a couple types of hyperhidrosis. Primary focal hyperhidrosis affects both sides of the body. It may affect one or a few parts but on both sides of the body such as both hands. Secondary hyperhidrosis usually has an underlying cause. It may be caused by a medical condition such as diabetes, injury, menopause, obesity, etc

You are more likely to get hyperhidrosis if you have a family history. 

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