Spa Services

Relaxing Facials

30 Minute Session $50
The 30 Minute Hydration Facial uses 10 different exclusive Cleaver Dermatology skincare products. This service includes a deep moisturizing cleanse, hydration mask, eye treatment, and decollete massage.

60 Minute Session $90
Our 60 minute Exfoliating Hydration Facial uses 13 different Cleaver Dermatology skincare products. This Includes a deep moisturizing cleanse, exfoliation treatment, hydration mask, eye treatment and extended decolletage massage.


Silk Peel $110 - $130

  • Diamond Infusion
    This peel is a non-abrasive, exfoliating treatment for acne-prone skin. This treatment extracts and exfoliates using a brush technique while infusing a pharmaceutical-grade, pore-clarifying serum.
  • Diamond Glow
    This microdermabrasion treatment uses diamond tip applicators to extract and exfoliate while infusing a pharmaceutical-grade serum. Serums are selected based upon your unique skin type.

Perfect 10 Peel $150 - $250
Our Perfect 10 Peel is a medical-grade, chemical peel that features layered technology, integrated with All-trans-Retinal Complex, proprietary acid blend, and antioxidants to provide an exfoliating, gentle experience. Skin benefits include reduction of uneven pigmentation, photoaging, and acne as well as improved tone and texture. This peel is available in three different levels; Universal, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Laser Hair Reduction

Our Light Sheer Laser travels down the hair shift to fatally injure the hair follicle, stifling regrowth. Clients report seeing noticeable improvements in as few as three treatments. This procedure is relatively painless with little to no recovery time for most clients. Schedule a consultation to find out if this is the right treatment for you.

  • Beard/Face - $250
  • Upper Lip & Chin - $150
  • Upper Lip or Chin - $100
  • Neck - $150
  • Underarms - $125
  • Arms - $200
  • Basic Bikini (To panty line) - $150
  • Basic Bikini Extended (Two finger width from panty line) - $200
  • Bikini Full (Brazilian) - $350
  • Buttocks - $300
  • Legs to Knee - $300
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